10 Sneaky Condom Mistakes You Should Never Make

The most common condom mistakes that could leave you pregnant…

A condom is a great way to prevent pregnancy. Wearing a condom helps to prevent unwanted pregnancy, as well as protects against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

If you always use condoms (every time when having vaginal, anal, or oral sex) the right way then there are a very few chances that you will get pregnant.

Common mistakes of condoms :

Here are the most common errors made when putting on and wearing condoms.

1. You use the wrong size condom :  

Many people wearing the wrong size condom. They either use the condom that is too tight or the condoms that hang out. The wrong size condom can make you uncomfortable, and give less protection from pregnancy and STIs during sex.

2. You think that condom is best to protect pregnancy :

A condom is good for birth control but not perfect. If you wear a condom perfectly, during every time when having sex, then it’s 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. A survey says that  15 out of 100 women who use condoms during sexual intercourse, get pregnant each year.

3. You put it on inside out :

You know that a condom will resist unrolling down your penis as opposed to flawlessly unfurling itself. Don’t feel bad if you make this mistake!

A condom is a barrier contraceptive so there is no matter which way it unravels unless there’s spermicide on the inside and not on the outside. But, using an inside-out condom with spermicide on the wrong side could decrease the effects of the spermicide, and supposed to stop sperm from moving.

4. You can put double baggage :   

Most of the people think that wearing two condoms (female condoms and male condoms) at the same time can give extra protection. But in reality, it will not give you extra protection and thus less effective.

5. You don’t change condoms when necessary :

If you stopped doing sex, then it’s time to change your condom. You don’t want to introduce bacteria from the rectum into the vagina.

6. Leave condom in heat :

Keep condoms away from heat and light. Heat may break it. It can get dry, crack and doesn’t work well.

7. You use flavored condoms during sex :

Flavored condoms are designed for oral sex, so not all of them have spermicide O( helps to kill sperm ).

8. You rolling the condom out beforehand :

Some men roll the condom out the entire way before putting it on their penis. It increases the risk of breaking the condom.

9. You using the expired condom :

Never use an expired condom. Condoms can dry, crack and doesn’t work well if they’re old. And its effectiveness can’t be guaranteed.

10. You reuse a condom :

If you reuse a condom then the germs from the previous encounter could be spread to the next. If you wash the condom with soap and wait some days then leftover sperm could stay alive.


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