10 Unique Benefits Of Using Condom

A condom is easy to get and easy to use. Using condom prevents you from pregnancy as well as STDs and makes your sex better…

Using condom is the most common method to prevent pregnancies. Today, it is the only methods of birth control that also help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV (the virus that causes AIDS).

Condoms are also effective against unintended pregnancy as well as against gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and chlamydia. Condoms can lower the rate of cervical cancer, an HPV-associated disease.

Advantages of using condoms :  

There are a lot of advantages to using a condom as a contraception method (one of the most popular methods currently in use).

1. Effective against STIs :

Condoms are the only birth control method that helps to prevent the spread of STIs ( sexually transmitted infections ), including HIV (the virus that causes AIDS). If you use any other type of birth control method to avoid pregnancy, then you can also use a condom to protect yourself from STDs.

2. Easily purchased :

Condoms are easy to get from many different stores, community health and online. You don’t need a prescription or ID to buy a condom.

3. Easy to use :

A Condom is easy to use. It can be used with no special skills. It can easily put and easy to get.

4. Convenient for the user :

Condoms are convenient for the user. It freely available from many places, from grocery stores to condom dispensing machines in public restrooms, community health and even online.

5. Easily portable :

Condoms come in a small packet. You can easily portable it in your pocket and purse.

6. Available in a variety of products :

Condoms come in lots of different styles and shapes. It is also available in terms of flavors and textures that are supposed to improve the sexual experience for the user.

7. No side-effects :

In most of the people who use condoms, have no problem; they have no side effects. In very few cases, latex (rubber) condoms can cause irritation for a user with latex allergies or sensitivities. In this case, you can try switching brands or use plastic condoms.

8. No delay in fertility after use :

Condoms are one of the best birth control option for those couples who are not wanting to get pregnant right away but want a family very soon.

9. Worry-free sex :

Worry-free sexual intercourse is a common advantage of using condoms. It can easily put and easy to get. And also give the protection from STD such as herpes and HIV.

10. Suitable for all kinds of sex :

Condoms are suitable for all kinds of sexual intercourse including anal and vaginal intercourse.


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