Brittle Teeth || Its Cause, Symptom & Natural Remedy

Best ways to repair brittle teeth naturally :-

Teeth an important part of our face is one of the foremost body part which enhances your beauty if maintained well. The bright and shiny look of teeth can attract people’s attention easily. But if you have a brittle teeth than you feel shy to appear before people. Brittle and damaged teeth happens to be obstacles while smiling in front of people.

Brittle teeth is one of the sign of dental aging. It is the condition in which your teeth loose their strength and splits into layers. Such teeth breaks easily. They could crack and fall without any reason or impact. It can occur at any age.

Cause :-

There are many causes of brittleness. Here are some common cause of it.

  1. Aerated drinks, much intake of citrus fruit juices like lemon, tobacco usage and too much alcohol.
  2. Aging can also cause brittleness.
  3. Certain diseases, not necessarily of dental origin, lead to brittleness.
  4. Genetic factors can also the cause of brittleness.

Symptom :-

  1. Split into layers.
  2. Cracked or fracture on tooth.
  3. Sensitivity or pain while eating hot or cold food.
  4. Tooth may decay
  5. Problems in biting.

Natural Remedy  :-

Indian lilac ( Neem ) :-

Neem is rich in vitamin C and E content and is full of medical property. It is one of the two species in the genus of Azadirachta. In ancient times when there were no tooth paste and toothbrush, people used to grind neem’s branch and grind it.

Ingredients :-

  1. Neem Bark Powder – 2 pinch

Method :-

  • Scrub the neem bark powder on your teeth.
  • After that, wash your mouth well.

Baking Powder :-

Baking Powder is useful in removing the problem of staining and helps to get rid of your brittleness.

Ingredients :-

  1.  Baking Powder – 1 teaspoon
  2.  Water – half cup

Method :-

  • Take 1 teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Mix it in half cup of water.
  • Mouth wash with this mixture.
  • Repeat it two to three times a day for better results.

Note :- This Method is also used for reducing the effect of Canker Sores

Charcoal :-

Charcoal is a natural teeth whitener.

Ingredients :-

  1. Charcoal powder – 1 pinch
  2. Your favorite toothpaste

Method :-

  • Mix wooden coal ( charcoal ) powder in everyday toothpaste.
  • Rub the teeth with it.
  • By using 2 times a day the teeth will start shining.

Black Peppercornes :-

These are useful if chewed as they can help clean out the bacteria and relieve pain.

  • Take some black peppercornes.
  • Chewing it well.
  • After that, wash your mouth.

Holy basil ( Tulsi )

We all know that basil is used for worship in the house but it also has many medicinal properties. It is very surprising that even in Tulsi there are the properties of polishing teeth and its remedy.

Ingredients :-

  1.  Ram Tulsi Leaves
  2. Shyam Tulsi Leaves
  3. Nimbu Tulsi Leaves
  4. Vishnu Tulsi Leaves
  5. Van Tulsi Leaves

Method :-

Note :- Click here to get rid of yellow teeth.

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