How To Do Safe Sex

Best ways to do safe sex …

Safe Sex is a sexual activity that do not allow your body fluids and your partner’s body fluids ( semen, vaginal fluids and blood ) to come into contact with each other. In other words you may say that safe sex means taking precaution during sex to protect yourself and your partner against STIs ( Sexually Transmitted Infections ) and STDs ( Sexually Transmitted Disease ). If you will not talk it serious and will do an unsafe sex, it may lead many diseases like AIDS, Chlamydia, Syphilis e.t.c.

According to a new survey, about 86% of sexually active women who do not use contraceptives get pregnant within a year. A women can also get pregnant from about 10 days after childbirth and during her menstruation. This happens only due to lack of knowledge.

So it is very important for a women to take care of your sexual health and your safety. Being prepared, being healthy and being safe help you and your partner disease free. And smart use of birth control will help you to avoid unplanned pregnancy.

Guidelines :-

Having sex with only one partner is believed to be safe. Experts believe that there is no such things as safe sex, because all forms of sexual contact carry some risk. But there are some tips that will help you to provide safe sex and decrease the risk of STIs. They are :-

Barrier protection :-

There are many protective devices that are used to avoid contact with blood, vaginal, fluids and semen during sexual activities. Condom are considered as the best way of safe sex.

They are used to prevent pregnancy. They can protect you against sexually transmitted infections. So, never forget to use barrier before sex.

Oral sex :-

Oral sex means stimulating your partner’s genital with your mouth, lips or tongue. Like other form of sexual activity oral sex can pose a risk of contracting STIs and STDs. But the transmission risk for oral sex, especially HIV transmission, is lower than the vaginal or anal sex.

Avoid drinking alcohol :-

Don’t drink alcohol, because taking much alcohol may increase the chance to participate high risk of sex.

Avoid taking drugs :-

Taking drugs may also increase the chance of unsafe sex.

Abstinence :-

Abstinence is the way to engage yourself in sexual activities due to moral religious, philosophical reasons. It is the best and very safe form for the teenagers.


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