Appendicitis || Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis

Appendicitis is a painful inflammation in appendix …

Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix ( a small finger-shaped pouch on your right side of abdomen which connect with the colon ). In this disease, appendix becomes swollen, inflamed, and filled with pus.

The main cause of this disease are the hollow portion of appendix becomes blocked, and bacteria invade and infect the wall of your appendix. As a result, the blockage increased pressures in the appendix and decreased blood flow to the tissues of appendix, and bacterial growth inside the appendix can cause of inflammation.

The early symptoms of this disease are – a right side lower abdomen pain, nausea, vomiting and decreased appetite.

This is a life threatening disease specially when the appendix bursts, but doctors remove it surgically before happens. In the case of pregnancy, the abdomen pain will be higher.

Causes :

In most of the cases, its causes are unknown. There are a lot of causes for one case of appendix disease.

According to doctors, the main cause of this disease is the obstruction in the area of appendix. Its obstruction are either partial or complete. Complete obstruction are dangerous and it needs an emergency surgery.

The obstruction may occurs due to –

  1. Enlarged lymphoid follicles
  2. Tumors
  3. Worms
  4. Trauma

Sign & Symptoms :  

Pain in belly button :

The appendix pain occurs in the lower right side of abdomen. The pain makes discomfort near the belly button ( Belly Button ( Navel ) is the mid part of your body ).

Rapidly worsening pain :

The appendix pain will be rapidly worsening. Once it hits, the sharpness of pain can increase quickly or within a matter of hours.

Low-grade fever and chills :

When the appendix pain occurs, the patient have low-grade fever and chills and shaking.

Vomiting, nausea, or loss of appetite :

When appendix occurs, then the patient faces vomiting, nausea of loss of appentite.

Painful cough :

In this disease, patient gets some painful cough.

Diagnosis :  

If you found the symptoms, than see to your doctor. Your doctor can take your physical exam. Your doctor may looks your lower right quadrant of the abdomen. In some cases, the stomach may become hard and swollen due to perforation.

Your doctor may suggest you to check some tests, including :

  1. Complete Blood Count (CBC) test : It leads bacterial infection.
  2.  Urinalysis test : It helps to check the disease of kidney stone or Urinary Tract Infection ( UTI ).
  3. Pelvic Test : It helps to found the pelvic infections of your body.
  4. Pregnancy Test : It checks your suspected ectopic pregnancy.
  5. X-Ray : Take the image of abdomen.
  6. CT scan : Take a clear image of abdomen.

Treatment :

The treatment of appendix varies. In most cases, surgery will necessary. In some cases, the doctor suggests administer antibiotics. If you have abscess, than your doctor may drain it using a tube placed through your skin. After the treatment of infection, you doctor will do surgery to remove the appendix (  appendectomy ).

Your doctor can take two types of surgery to cure from this disease. They are :

1. Open Surgery :

This surgery is necessary if you have an abscess or peritonitis.

2. Laparoscopy :

This is less invasive that making the recovery time shorter.

In rare case, it may get better without surgery. It only occurs when the abdominal pain is minimum and your diagnostic tests are normal.


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