Basic Breast Care Tips For Every Women

Breast care tips to keep your breast healthy …

It is the desire of every woman to have a beautiful and healthy breast. Breasts are one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Just like other body parts, you should also take care of it. But it is often seen that women ignore to care for their breasts. Proper breast care will help you to enable your breasts healthy and beautiful. Here are some breast care tips which you can easily follow.

Tips to care :-

Moisturize your breast :-

Moisturize your breast by using moisturizer. It makes your breast smooth, healthy, fresh and without blemishes.

Avoid tobacco :-

Tobacco is harmful for your body and health. It gives premature aging on face. It may cause of different skin and health problems like – acne, pimples, cancer, allergy.  Tobacco also makes your breast droopy.

Avoid surgery :-

Do not opt for any surgical as much as possible. It may disturb your normal body. Try to take medicine for any problem on your body.

Eat healthy food diet :-

Maintaining a good and balanced food diet helps in reducing the risk of getting suffered from most of the diseases.

(1). Beans and lentils

Beans are rich in their Zinc content. Red kidney beans contains zinc in maximum proportion as compared to black eyed kidney beans and lentils.

(2). Pinach , Kale & Dark Leafy Greens

Spinach, kale and other such dark leafy vegetables plays a vital role in keeping your breast healthy. They are rich source of Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

(3). Orange colored fruits

Fruits and vegetables like Mangoes, Carrots, Apricots, Sweet potatoes etc. contains beta-carotene (Vitamin A) which gives these foods their orange color. It increase your energy level and makes your breast healthy.

(4). Broccoli & dark cabbage

Broccoli and dark vegetables contain numerous vitamins like Vitamin A , Vitamin C ,  and Vitamin E. They are rich in anti oxidants which helps to make your breast healthy.

(5). Lean meat, Poultry & Eggs

Lean meats , Poultry and Eggs are good source of Iron, Zinc and B12  which are easily absorbed. It boost your breasts healthful condition.

Massage your breast :-

Massage Therapy is a type of technique, in which different type of massage are given  that usually depends on your needs as well as your physical condition. It is a manual manipulation of soft body tissue like muscle, connective tissues, tendons e.t.c. to enhance a persons health.

(1). Chi massage :-

Chi massage is simple and easy massage technique which you can easily do at home.

  • Rub your hands to generate heat.
  • Cup a hand over each breast.
  • Make sure that your right hand goes over the right breast and left hand goes over the left breast.
  • Move your breasts in a circular motion in inward direction.
  • Do it for 10 minutes.

Note :- Leave your nipples alone as much as you can during the massage of your breast.

(2).Oil massage :-

Massage  your breast with this oil is an excellent technique to soft it. It moisturized your breast and remove its dry skin.

(a). Olive Oil Massage :-

Painful and sore nipple is a very common problem or is a natural consequence of aging of women. Massage your breast with olive oil is an excellent technique to soft breast.

  • Take a ball.
  • Add 2 to 3 teaspoon olive oil in it.
  • Now Massage your breast with this oil from your finger in circular motion.
  • Leave it for an hour.
  • Do this process before taking bath.

(b). Almond Oil Massage:-

Almond is one of the great natural resources that helps to promote glowing face, skin, breast care and also control hair falls.

  • Take a bowl.
  • Add 2 to 3 teaspoon of almond oil in it.
  • Warm it.
  • Apply this warm oil into your nipple.
  • Gently Massage your breast.
  • Leave it for an hour.
  • Do this process before taking bath.

Avoid bra while sleeping :-

Avoid wearing your bra at night. It helps you to relax your breast and give you a comfortable night. So always use a well cushioned sport bra.

Always choose a right bra :-

Always use a suitable and comfortable personal inner wear. It provides your breast a perfect shape. Choose that bra which wires sit close to your chest. If your boobs are bulging over your over the cups at the neck edge and underarms then a larger cup size is needed for you.

Breastfeeding :-

Breastfeeding is not only good for the babies but also for you. According to a new survey, breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer. So the longer that your breastfeed your baby the better it is for you.


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