Best Way To Care Your Colored Hair

Hair plays an impotent role in your beauty. Colored hair attracts everyone. Many women loves to coloring there hair. Every woman wants colored hair with soft, smooth, long and bright hair. But there are many hair problems like Brittle HairSplit ends of hair, DandruffPremature Gray HairHair Fall etc. that are obstacles in your beauty. Here are some easy tips which helps to take care your colored hair. Lets start…

After coloring your hair, leave it for 24 hours without shampoo :-

Shampoo may decrease the color of hair. So, after coloring your hair, dry it for an hour. After that wash your hair with normal water. You may shampoo it on next day.

Buy good dry shampoo :-

Always buy a good dry shampoo for your hair. It makes your hair soft and shiny.

Buy leave in conditioner :-

Leave in conditioner contains silicon. It gives a protective layer to your hair. It helps to protect your hair from sun damage, brittle hair etc.

Massage your hair :-

Massage Therapy is a type of technique, in which different type of massage are given  that usually depends on your needs as well as your physical condition. It is a manual manipulation of soft body tissue like muscle, connective tissues, tendons e.t.c. to enhance a persons health.

When you color your hair, then your hair becomes dry and moisture-less. Hair massage makes your hair moisturized and dandruff free.

  • In this process, we do deeply hair oiling. You can use any oil for hair massaging. You can also use home made oil for massage.
  • First of all, sit down comfortably.
  • Place the fingers of both hands on your forehead and smoothly press it.
  • Now, shift your fingers slightly above of forehead near to hairlines and on the same way, lightly press it.
  • After that, keep moving your fingers up on your head in the same way, lightly press it.
  • Slowly move your fingers on back of your scalp.
  • If you should reached to bottom oh head, than return to the front.
  • Do this process all over your head for 20 minutes.
  • Now brush your hair well.
  • Take a small amount of Massage oil and rub it on your scalp slowly.
  • Add more oil on the tip of your fingers, if you need.

Nourish your hair with vitamin c :-

Lemon is full of Vitamin C and Vitamin B. It contains citric acid , so acetic in nature. It helps to reduce many hair problems, such as  hair lice,  gray hair dandruff etc.

Needs :-

  1. Lemon juice – 3 to 4 teaspoon
  2. Water – 3 teaspoon

How to use :-

  • First of all, Shampoo and condition your hair.
  • Now, take a bowl.
  • Add Lemon juice and water in it.
  • Mix it well.
  • Use this  mixture as a final rinse.

Trim your hair :-

After coloring, hair becomes more prone to damage. So trim your hair after 6 to 8 week. It helps to make your hair healthy.

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