Best Way To Care Your Private Parts

Easy way to care your private parts :-

A lot of women are unaware on how to take care their private parts. They think it embarrassing to talk about it. That’s why they are not properly informed on how to care it. Take care of your private part is very important. Wet sweaty and unclean vagina can cause bacteria and fungus to develop. It may also cause infections and gives a bad odor.

Private part is very sensitive and delicate part of your body. Everyone must take care of there private part properly and carefully. Hence maintaining a good health via a balanced diet, drinking a lots of water is most important. Water maintains the moisture and pH balance of the female genitalia and green vegetables and fruits balance your pH, hormone and odor.  Regular exercise and sleep is also one of the good habit. Here are the best way to take care your private parts.

How to take care :-

Wash your private part daily :-

You must Cleanse as well as rinse your pubic region. Wash it daily.  It will keep your private part clean and infection free

  • Wash the outside of the pubic mound with a good soap.
  • Don’t apply shop in your vagina directly. It may be the cause of irritation or infection.
  • Must wash outer parts of your vagina daily.
  • You may use clean water to wash inner parts of vagina, if needed.
  • Now, clean the parts both side of your clitoris with soft finger.

Trim your hedges :-

Always keep your hair short or remove it. Trim your hair carefully. It helps to make a clean look.

  • If you have hair clipper, then set it to the depth that will suit you. Now, carefully trim it.
  • You may use sharp scissors to clean it.
  • You may remove your hedges by using trimming or waxing or shaving.

Change undergarments daily :-

Must change your under garments daily. It helps to keep your private part clean and infection free.

  • Always use a good quality undergarments.

Don’t scratch it :-

  • Scratching the skin is always the cause of itching or irritation.
  • So, avoid to scratch it.

Wear clean undergarments :-

Always wear a clean and dry under undergarments.

Note :- If you are in period, change your tampon or pad regularly. 

  • Wet bottoms for a long period can cause bacteria to develop, resulting in bad odor or infections. Hence, always keep your vagina clean and dry.

 Wipe from front to back :-

After using toilet, wipe from front to back to save your vagina from germs and rectum.

Keep private part dry :-

You know that, bacteria always develop in moisturized area. It may be the cause of vaginal odor or vaginal itching. So always keep your private part dry.

Some Other Tips :-

  • Drink lots of water.
  • Eat Healthy food diet.
  • Always wear cotton panties.
  • Wear only dry panties.
  • Change your underwear regularly.
  • Take bath daily.
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