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Piercing Navel Idea for your sexy navel :-

Navel ( Belly Button ) is the mid part of your body. Every women wants an attractive belly button. When it peeps from a dress , it looks very sexy and hot. Piercing Navel is one of the latest fashion of today’s youth. Today’s girls or women decorate there belly button by piercing it. This piercing fashion is also a part of tradition. You can see many girls with ear, nose, tongue, eyebrow and navel piercing. This piercing of body parts are done in almost all countries.

Girls with navel piercing look more feminine and attractive. You will notice that many girls decorate there belly button with piecing ring. These days, piercing belly button is very fashionable. Today, piercing belly button is a great way to showing sexy and hot navel to others. Here are some types of piercing navel for your sexy look.

Inner Piercing :

Inner piercing  of navel is very common in  today’s youth. It done just above the belly button plug. The advantage of this type of piercing is that, in the case of not performed correctly. then you have a chance to turn off.

Outer Piercing :

Outer piercing of navel is the most complicated type of piercing. It can done leftward from your navel. It makes your belly button a sexy and hot look.

Upper Rim Piercing :-

Upper rim piercing is one of the famous piercing belly button in today’s youth. this type of piercing is also called Stander Piercing. It performed at the top of belly button. It is very easy as well as comfortable type of piercing.

Bottom side Piercing :

As the name suggest, it is performed at the bottom side of the belly button. It makes your navel a stylish as well as sexy look.

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