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Best ways to cut fringe bangs at home :

Fringe bangs hair style is the best way to change your look. This hairstyle entails shorter hair set in front of your existing hair and framing the face with a fashionable flair. Curio Therapy helps you to have this popular hairstyle without leaving your home. Let’s Try…

Prepare Your Hair :-

Shampoo your hair :-

  • Wash your hair with your regular shampoo.

Note :- Use cold or normal water for washing your hair.

Conditioning your hair :-

  • After shampoo, use your regular hair Conditioner on it.
  • Rinse it off after 10 minutes with normal water.

Note :- After conditioning,  don’t use shampoo.

Dry your hair :-

  •  Wrap the toil on your hair.
  • Squeeze it gently with toil.

Comb your hair :-

  • Take a comb.
  • And comb your hair gently.

Section off the triangle of hair that you intend to be your bangs :-

  • Take a comb.
  • Selection of the triangle of hair from top center.
  • Comb it.

Ponytail the rest hair :-

  • Take a comb.
  • Put the rest of hair a ponytail.

Cut Your Hair :-

Choose scissors :-

Choose a sharp scissors which is perfect to cut your hair.

Note :- Small scissors is better for shaping your fringe bang hair style.

Divide your hair bangs into 1 section and start cutting at the bottom section  :-

  • Comb your triangle shaped hair with a non-dominant way in front of your face.
  • Hold the scissors right.
  • Now,  start cutting your hair from bottom with a dominant hand.
  • Make minimal, vertical cuts of bangs that go along your hair rather than across.

Move the scissors left and right direction :-

  • Move your scissors left or right directions.
  • And  cut all of your intended bangs.
  • Continue making vertical snips along your hairs’ ends.
  • Cut the hair as flat as possible.
  • After you’ve finished one side, repeat the process on the other side.

 Manage to shape your new bangs :-

  • Cut the shape of until you manage the shape of both side equal.
  • Cut less hair is the best way to avoid a common mistake.
  • Now, comb your hair.
  • And Get a perfect new look.

Note :- If your bangs are still too long, you can re-cut your hair.

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