The Best Way to Apply Mascara Like a Pro – Experts View

Mascara, a beauty product that helps you to give an instant make-up to your eyes :-

It is the dream of every women to look gorgeous. All are crazy behind their beauty. Large eyelashes play an important role to enhance their beauty. It is important to make-up your eyes to look attractive and gorgeous. In this age, everyone is busy in his life. If you don’t have time for makeup your eyes, just by using Mascara on your eyes you can achieve a different look. It is a cosmetic product, which is commonly used to enhance the eye beauty. As we all know that it makes our lashes look bigger in size, darker in color, and curlier and more defined but the actual results don’t necessarily match what we see in the advertisements. To get a perfect look, here are the best way to apply Mascara perfectly so that it stays put and looks gorgeous.

How to apply :-

Curl your Lashes :-

First of all, use a curler to your lashes. It makes your lashes widen and brighten. Open the curler and hold it at the base of your lashes. Compress the curler closed to the lashes and push it lightly.

Pull the Lashes inwards :-

After finishing curling your lashes,  you can apply mascara on your eyes. Pull it left to right of lashes and rotate your brush from root to tip. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times.

Pull the Lashes back out :-

After pulling the lashes inward, must pull it back to back out. In this process, pull the mascara right to left of lashes and rotate your brush from root to tip. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times.

Point each individual Lashes :-

It is important to point each lashes. In this process, point each lashes vertically with the help of wand tip of mascara brush.

Wiggle the Wand :-

It is important to wiggle the wand across the bottom lashes with mascara brush.

Some Key Points :-

  • Always buy a best mascara brand.
  • Buy only black and brown colored mascara.
  • Apply it to the last stage of eye make-up.
  • Apply it in 2 or 3 coats.
  • Always keep it covered after applying it.
  • Don’t share it to anyone.

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