How To Diy Pastel Toenail Art – Nail Artist

Try these pastel toenail art once. I swear ! You will be amazed by the results 

Modern girls don’t like to paint single toe nail color. They always try to give their toe nails a different look. Pastel toe nail art helps you to make your toe nails unique and attractive. It is cheap and best pedicure which you can easily diy at home. This toe-nail art look pretty on any girls toe nails. It’s a simple yet classy design and can be make in just few steps.

Pastel design is so fresh and youthful. You can use only two color of nail polish to diy it. Here white and pink colored of nail paint are used for pastel toe nail design. You can use any of your favorite color to diy it.

Needs :-

  1. White nail polish
  2. Pink nail polish
  3. Base coat nail polish
  4. Striping tape

How To Diy :-

Step 1 :-

Apply base coat – Base coat helps your nail polish stay on longer.

  • Take base coat nail paint.
  • Apply two coats of this nail paint on your toenails, as a base.
  • Dry it in air.

Step 2 :-

Paint your nail with White color – 

  • Take white color nail paint.
  • Apply two coats of this nail paint on your toenails.
  • Dry it in air.

Step 3 :-

Place strip tape on your nail – 

  • Take a strip tape.
  • Place a this tape across the top-third area of your toe nail.

Step 4 :-

Apply pink color nail paint :-

  • Take pink color nail paint.
  • Apply this nail paint to the bottom area of your toe nail.
  • Remove the striping tape before the nail polish dries.
  • Now, dry the nail paint in air.

Step 5 :-

Final Touch with top coat –

  • Now, its time to final touch of your toe-nail paint.
  • Take a water color nail paint.
  • Apply a layer of clean and smooth top coat on your toe nail.
  • It helps to protect your nail and make longer
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