The Best Eye Make-Up For Black Sparkling Eyes

Do you want a beautiful Eye….!! Here are the best Eye Make-Up. Must try it…

Eyes have been the center of beauty since ancient era. Most of people have black eyes. The best advantage of black eye is that you have no restriction to select the color of your eye make-up. You can use all the color which you wants. Here are the most demanded eye make-up tips, which makes your eyes sparkle and sexy. Must try it :-

Pink Sparkling Eye Make-Up for your black eyes :-

Things needed for Pink Sparkling Eye Make-Up :-

  1. Dark charcoal eye shadow
  2. Silver eye shadow
  3. Light pink eye shadow
  4. Dark pink eye shadow
  5. Kajal
  6. Liquid Eye liner
  7. Mascara

How to do Pink Sparkling Eye Make-Up :-

  • First of all, Prime your eyelids. It makes your eyelids smooth.
  • Now, use Dark charcoal eye shadow on your lid and extend it with your finger tip or brush.
  • Apply, Silver eye shadow in the middle of eyelids and brush it.
  • Use Light pink eye shadow just above the silver eye shadow.
  • After that, use Dark pink eye shadow in the corner by a small soft brush.
  • Apply Kajal on your upper and lower lashes. It helps to make your eyes a vivid look.
  • After that, use Eyeliner and make a wing shape with it
  • At last, use Mascara on your eyes. It makes your eye sober.

Cat eye make up for black eyes :-

Things needed for  Cat Eye Make-Up :-

  1. Taupe Eye Shade
  2.  Eyeliner
  3.  Kajal
  4. Mascara

How to do Cat Eye Make-Up :-

  • First of all Prime your eyelids with Taupe Eye Shade.
  • Now, use Eyeliner on your upper lash line and make a wing shape of it.
  • Use a thin layer of Kajal on your lower lashes.
  • At last, use Mascara on your eyes.

Golden Eye Make-Up for your blue eyes :-

Golden color is one of the best royal color which helps your eyes to make captivate. 

Things needed for Golden eye make-up :-

  1. Primer
  2. Base Shade
  3. Gold Eye-shadow
  4. Dark Brown Eye-shadow
  5. Eyeliner
  6. Kajal
  7. Concealer
  8. Mascara

How to do Golden eye make up :-

  • First of all, Prime your eyelids. It helps you to smooth your eyelids.
  • Apply the Base shade all over your eye lids.
  • After that, take Golden Eye-shadow on your eyelids and brush it.
  • Now, take a dark brown eye-shadow to the outer corner and brush it well.
  • After that, use Eyeliner and make a wing shape with it.
  • Apply Kajal to your lower and upper eye eyelines. It helps to make your eyes a vivid look.
  • At last, use Mascara on your eyes. It makes your eye sober.

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