Floral Nail Art For Beginners – Experts View

Diy Floral Nail Art at home –

Modern girls don’t like to paint single nail color. They always try to give their nails a different look.  Floral nail art helps them to make their nails unique and attractive. It is cheap and best manicure which you can easily diy at home. This nail art look pretty on any girls hand. It’s a simple yet classy design and can be make in just few steps.

Ready For Manicure :-

Removing nail paint :-

First of all, remove old nail paints by nail paint removal.

  1. Take a cotton ball.
  2. Soak it in nail paint removal.
  3. Now, apply it softly on your left over nail paints.

Trim your nails :-

Now, its time to trim your nails.

  1. Take a nail cutter.
  2. Trim your nails with the help of it, if they are longer.

File your nails :-

Now, file your nails by using crystal glass file.

  1. Take a crystal glass file.
  2. Move the file gently on nails in one direction and smooth it away.
  3. Now, give your nails a shape that you want.

Soak your nails :-

After that, soak your nails luke warm water.

  1. Take a bowl with luke warm water.
  2. Add salt and Neem face wash in it.
  3. Stir it well.
  4. Now, let your fingers soak in it for 5 minutes.
  5. Wipe it well.

Soften the cuticles :-

Its time to soften your cuticles.

  • Take a Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.
  • Apply it on your nails.
  • Scrub your nails gently and leave it for 5 minutes.

Removing the cuticles:-

At last, remove your cuticles with cuticle cutter.

  • Take a cuticle cutter. 
  • Remove all the cuticles with the help of it.
  • Also try to push the cuticles back.


Diy Floral Nail Art :-

Needs :-

  1. Purple nail paint
  2. A white nail paint
  3. Pink nail paint
  4. A thin nail art brush

Process :-

  1. Take a white nail paint.
  2. Apply two coats of this nail paint on your nails, as a base.
  3. Dry it in air.
  4. Take pink nail paint.
  5. Now, take a thin nail art brush.
  6. Create flowers on your nails with pink nail paint.
  7. For adding some oomph to pink flowers you may use the purple nail paint.
  8. Dry it in air.
  9. Now, its time to final touch of your nail paint.
  10. Take a water color nail paint.
  11. Apply a layer of clean and smooth top coat on your nail.
  12. It helps to protect your nail and make longer.


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