Food Habits To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Maintaining a good and balanced food diet helps in reducing the risk of getting suffered from most of the diseases. So is the case of eye health. By providing essential food nutrients to eye in the form of  diet we can reduce the risk of eye diseases. In today’s world we all are busy in consuming western foods that are rich in calories and not paying any heed to necessary food intake. These western foods leads to serious health problems including loss of vision.

So, here is a list of foods that one should  intake in order to keep their eyes healthy:-

  • Beans and lentils

    Beans are rich in their Zinc content which helps in maintaining the sharpness of human eye. Red kidney beans contains zinc in maximum proportion as compared to black eyed kidney beans and lentils. An adequate amount of Zinc present in these beans are useful for enabling good night vision. Kidney beans contains Niacin (Vitamin B) , that may protect from Cataract.

  • spinach , kale & dark leafy greens

Spinach, kale and other such dark leafy vegetables plays a vital role in keeping your eyes healthy. They are rich source of Vitamin C and Vitamin E which helps in maintaining our eyesight. They also help in lowering the risk of long term eye diseases and Cataract. It improves eyes health by preventing oxidative damage to your retina.

  • Orange colored fruits

    Fruits and vegetables like Mangoes, Carrots, Apricots, Sweet potatoes etc. contains beta-carotene (Vitamin A) which gives these foods their orange color. It also helps in adjusting our eyes in darkness. They are also useful in providing a clear night vision. Also they help retina and and other eye parts to work smoothly. Regular consumption of these orange colored fruits lowers the risk of Cataract.

  • sunflower seeds , almonds & peanuts

    Presence of a large amount of Vitamin E content and other nutrients  in sources like sunflower seeds, almonds and peanuts helps in slow Age- rated Muscular Degeneration (AMD) from getting worse. It also helps in lowering the risk for Cataract.

  • lean meat, poultry & eggs

    Lean meats , Poultry and Eggs are good source of Iron, Zinc and B12  which are easily absorbed. They helps in strengthening our eyes.Their consumption on a regular basis helps in strengthening the eye tissue firmly. They also reduce the risk of night blindness and protect your retina from being damaged.

  • Broccoli & dark cabbage

    Broccoli and dark vegetables contain numerous vitamins like Vitamin A , Vitamin C ,  and Vitamin E. They are rich in anti oxidants that protect your eyes from free radicals and the damage caused to the eye tissues. It consists of rich  anti oxidants nutrients that is involved in both creating and protecting the structure of eye. They also protect your eyes from damage caused by sun’s Ultraviolet Rays (UV rays).

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