French Pedicure at home – Experts View

Now you can have the best french pedicure at home. Try these guidelines :-

It is not possible for everyone to visit a parlor regularly. But everyone wants to keep his nail clean and beautiful. French pedicure is a cheap and best pedicure which you can easily do at home. Choose a nail-enamel or clear base coat and make your tips pop with a crescent of white nail polish. Here are some easy tips to french pedicure at home, that will help you to save your time and money too.  Let’s Start :-

Ready For Pedicure :-

Step 1 :-

Remove nail paint –

  • Take a cotton ball.
  • Soak it in nail pant remover.
  • Remove all the traces of nail paint if any from your toe nails.

Step 2 :-

Soak –

  • Take a tub half filled with luke warm water.
  • Your feet should be ankle deep in the warm water.
  • Add salt, neem shampoo, Lemon juice and essential oil in it.
  • Mix it well.
  • Let your feet soak for 15 minutes.
  • Pat dry it.

Step 3 :-

Trim :-

  • Take a nail cutter.
  • Trim your nails with the help of it.
  • Never trim too short.
  • Too much trimming on the sides will cause ingrown nails.

Step 4 :-

File :-

  • Take a file.
  • Move the file gently on nails in one direction and smooth it away.
  • Never file in back direction.
  • Give your nails a shape that you want.

Step 5 :-

Remove Cuticles :-

  • Apply Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your cuticles.
  • Leave it for 5 minutes.
  • Take a cuticle cutter.
  • Remove all the cuticles with it.
  • Also try to push the cuticles back.

Step 6 :-

Remove Hard Skin :-

  • Use a pumice stone on the heels and ankles to remove dead skin cells from your feet.
  • Scrub assertively, not aggressively.
  • Now, brush it well and wash it.

Apply Nail Paint :-

Apply base coat :-

  • Take a nail enamel .
  • Apply a thin layer of base coat of it.
  • Dry it in air.

Paint your nail tip :-

  • Take a white nail paint.
  • Paint your nail tip with it.
  • Dry it in air.

Apply clear top coat :-

  • Now, its time to final touch of your nail paint.
  • Take a water color nail paint.
  • Apply a layer of clean and smooth top coat on your nail.
  • It helps to protect your nail and make it long lasting.
  • Remove the unwanted nail-paint with nail paint remover.

Note :- Click here for best way to pedicure at home.

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