Frog Mucus Could Destroy Human Virus | A Weapon For Fighting The Flu

Could prove to be a great weapon against human virus


According to a new research shown by Emory University School of Medicines, a chemical found in the mucus of a South Indian frogs is capable of killing strains of the influenza virus.

This discovery can as a very powerful weapon to fight against the human virus. Although, it will take some time for the scientists to use it as medicines. This discovery could entirely be a powerful source of anti – viral drug.

According to a study published in the journal Immunity, Skim slime from the South Indian frog Hydrophylax bahuvistara contains a compound that is able to kill viruses as well as bacteria.

In a test on mice, a synthesized version of the molecule was found to be much successful in killing a variety of influenza viruses. It also was found to be equally effective in H1 pandemic strains that nearly makes around every year. A drug obtained by this compound could be used when vaccinations are unavailable. It can now also be used to attack an emerging H1 strain.

But unfortunately, this compound, dubbed “urumin”, does not lasts long in our body. However, scientists are trying to figure it out to make it more stable. Now inspired by this research, the researchers are hopeful that similar frog-derived molecules can be used against other viruses like dengue and Zika. The reason behind suspecting frogs that frogs can’t catch the flu, but they get affected by bacterial infections and other diseases.

Emory scientists found that certain peptides produced by frogs packed an anti – viral punch. This secreted peptide are able to combat with pathogens. This peptide also seems good at attacking influenza. The reason behind is that it attaches itself to hemagglutinin,  a major protein on the surface of influenza virus, resulting in dismantling and death of the virus.

However, researchers told that Urumim can be synthesized chemically, so we don’t need to rely upon fleets of frogs to extract large quantities of stuff. This chemical synthesis of the product will really be helpful.


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