How Is Pick’s Disease Diagnosed? 

Differential diagnosis of Pick’s Disease …

Pick’s disease is a rare and irreversible form of dementia. The people with pick disease have progressive problems with language, behavior, thinking, judgment, and memory. In addition, individuals with Pick’s disease may experience noticeable personality changes. It affects the frontotemporal lobe of the brain which controls important functions including planning, judgment, emotions, inhibition, verbal communication, behavior, and also some forms of movement.

The pick disease is a syndrome featuring shrinking of the frontal and temporal anterior lobes of the brain. The doctor diagnoses it by looking at the brain directly and to identify Pick bodies and swollen neurons. This is done by a neurosurgeon ( the surgeon who specializes in operating on the brain ). In this disease, the neurosurgeon taking a small sample of your brain tissue for testing.

There is no any single diagnostic test that your doctor can use to know that you have Pick’s disease. They will use your medical history, special imaging tests, and other tools to develop a diagnosis.

The doctor may suggest to you to :  

  • take a complete medical history.
  • ask about your behavior with your family members.
  • conduct a physical examination.
  • ask for the Neuropsychological test. In this test, involves answering questions and performing tasks that have been carefully prepared for this purpose. This test is given by a neurologist, psychologist, or other specially trained professional.
  • use MRI, CT, or PET scans to examine your brain tissue. These brain scans can’t detect the Pick disease specifically, but they can detect atrophy and other abnormalities in the frontal and temporal lobes. The scan also helps rule out other conditions that can cause dementia.
  • ask for the lab test. The test includes blood tests to rule out infections, blood disorders, chemical abnormalities, hormonal disorders, and the liver or kidney problems that could cause dementia symptoms.
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