10 Common Symptoms That People Feel During Hypnic Jerks

What are hypnic jerks?

You may be laying down in your bed after hours, just about to drift away and fall asleep while suddenly your body decides that it has its own approach!! If so, you are not wired. You’re among the estimated 70% of the people who regularly experience the phenomenon known as hypnic jerks (also known as a hypnagogic jerk, sleep start) which strikes as a person falls into a deep sleep. The jerk involuntary twitches or jolts which occur during the night.

Common symptoms that people feel during the hypnic jerk? 

Hypnic jerk can affect people in different ways. Many people will sleep right through them, but for others, they are vigorous enough to wake them up.

There is no any exact cause of hypnic jerk. Most of the people are suffered from the jerk when they sleep deprived or anxious, or when they do sleep-impairing habits before going to bed, like drinking caffeine or doing exercise close to bedtime.

The people with hypnic jerk often describe their signs and symptoms as :

1. Hypnic jerks are sudden :

Hypnic jerks are sudden. It occurs during quiet wakefulness in individuals trying to fall asleep and during light sleep.

2. People feel like falling through space :

The people with a hypnic jerk is like to fall through space.

3. Feels like an electric shock :

Some people with the time of hypnic jerk feels like an electric shock. The person often realizes to jump and awake suddenly for a moment.

4. Feel only slightly :

Some people feel only slightly and experience just one or two episodes before finally getting to sleep.

5. The motion of body :

During the jerk time, some have suddenly jerking motions of the legs or whole body occurring at the moment of falling asleep.

6. Change the nature :

In very few cases, at the jerk time, hypnic jerk is accompanied by a scream or shout as his body reacts to the violent nature of this phenomena.

7. Localized the body :

In most cases, the jerk localized either one part of your body or all over your body.

8. Change activity :

In the jerk time, people change his activity. Sometimes severe enough to interfere with eating, speaking or walking.

9. Heartbeat becomes fast :

In the jerk time, the heartbeat becomes fast, and you get quick breathing.

10. Get sweat :

During the jerk time, the people get sweat.


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