How To Draw A Perfect Cat Eye – Experts View

Do you wanna a Cat Eye ! Try this simple step :-

Eyes have been the center of beauty since ancient era. The cat eye liner look has been quite a craze in the make-up world for long time. Cat eyes give a perfect shape to your eyes and have a lot of attraction.

How To Apply :-

Step 1 :-

Clean the area around eyes :-

First of all, clean the area around your eyes with moisturizer.

Step 2 :-

Use Eye Primer:-

Now, apply eye primer on your eye area. It helps your makeup to stay for long time.

Step 3 :-

Choose Eye-Liner :-

Choose the eye liner which is perfect for you. You may use Liquid eye liner, Felt-tip eyeliner, Gel / Cream eyeliner, Kajal Eyeliner etc to make a cat eye.

Step 4 :-

Standing front of Mirror :-

Now, stand in front of mirror and look yourself.

Step 5 :-

Take right position :-

Most of women have complaint that their hand trills when they use eye-liner. So, before applying it, rest your elbow on a table and your hand on your cheek at the time of applying it.

Step 6 :-

Draw  line of dots :-

For making a perfect shape, it is important to draw a line of dots on your eyelids with eye-liner. It helps to reduce the chance of smudge of eyeliner.

Step 7 :

Connect the dots :-

Now, its time to connect all the dots to make a line. Connect all dots with a short stroke. It makes a basic outline of your eye-liner.

Step 8 :-

Make a Wing :-

Now, use Eyeliner on your upper lash line and make a wing shape of it. Use the edge of a triangular makeup sponge as a guide to create a precise thick wing that’s symmetrical on both sides with a soft hand.

Step 9 :-

Soft and Blending shaped wing :-

Keep the edges of your shape soft by blending around the outside of the winged liner with a clean shadow brush. It helps to give a gorgeous look to your eyes.

Step 10 :-

Apply Mascara :-

After this,  apply Mascara on your eyelash. Pull the mascara right to left of lashes and rotate your brush from root to tip. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times.

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