How To Treat Your Sore Throat ? Understanding What To Try

Understanding  sore throat causes, treatment & prevention

Sore Throat is mainly caused by viruses. So, anti bacterial drugs wont help. It is so because viruses don’t have their own metabolism. Sore pain is the very first indication. Normally people don’t give much attention to to their throat pain until they find difficulty in swallowing their food.

Cause of Sore Throat :

Below are some of the common causes :-

  • Viral Infections :- Most of the sore throat cases are found to be caused by viruses. In most cases there are infections caused by viruses such as common cold or flu.
  • Bacterial Infections :- Sore Throat may also be caused by bacteria. There are some exceptional cases where viruses cant be blamed alone.
  • Environmental Factors :- Not every time one can blame virus and bacteria for being responsible. Sometimes environmental factors also causes sore throat. Here are some causes :
  1. If you are allergic to something like dust  or pollen, then there are chances that you get affected.
  2. Smoking cigarettes or breathing cigarettes smoke may cause sore throat.
  3.  Dry air can also make your throat scratchy and painful.

How can it  be treated ?

Here are some useful ways :

  • Gargling :- Gargling with luke warm water with a pinch of salt added to it can prove to be of great help.
  • Warm Liquids :- Intake of warm drinks like tea, coffee, etc.
  • Humidifier :-  Use of humidifier.
  • Inhale steam :- Put some water to heat and inhale the rising steam for about 5-10 minutes. It will provide instant relax.
  • Heating pads :- Apply warm heating pads on your throat.

Although medication can help ease your symptoms but it cannot help you to recover faster.

How to prevent a sore throat ?

One should take certain precautions to avoid future infection. Following are some ways :

  • Wash your hands repeatedly so that you will not get attacked by any virus and bacteria.
  •  Make distance from allergic substances like pollen or dust.
  • Avoid cigarette smokes.
  •  Use humidifier when needed.
  • Don’t share towels or drinking glasses.
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