How To Use Cervical Cap?

Do you want to use cervical cap !! Here are simple and easy methods to insert and remove the cervical cap… 

The cervical cap is easy to use once you get the hang of it. It may take some practice to get the hang of inserting your cervical cap. Your doctor will show you how to put the cervical cap in, and there are also instructions that come with the packaging. Here are the simple and easy methods to use cervical cap.

How do you insert your cervical cap?  

Here are some steps to insert the cervical cap :

Wash your hands :

At first, wash your hand with mild soap and water.

Put spermicide :

Put 1/4 teaspoon of spermicide in the dome of the cup and spread a thin layer on the rim of the cap. Also, put 1/2 teaspoon of the spermicide in the folded area between the rim and the dome (the groove between the brim and the dome).

Spread the spermicide :

By using your hand, spread the spermicide in a thin layer on the brim of the cap.

Take your position :

Get into a comfortable position, just like putting in a tampon. You can stand with one foot on the chair, sit on the edge of a chair, lie down; whatever works for you.

Insert the cervical cap :

Separate your labia with your one hand and squeeze the rim of your cap with your other hand. Now, insert it into your vagina, dome side down and the strap faces down. The long brim goes into your vagina first

Push the cap :

Now, push the cap into your vagina. At first, push it back toward the rectum and after that push it up toward the cervix. Once your cervical cap is in place, use your fingers to make certain the cervix is completely covered.

How to remove the cervical cap :

To remove the cervical cap is a little easier than inserting it. Here’s what to do ;

Wash your hands :

At first, wash your hand with mild soap and water.

Insert fingers :

Squat down and put your fingers into your vagina. Grip the removable cap, and rotate the cap by push it against the dome to break the suction.

Taking out the cervical cap :

Now, hook your fingers under the strap and pull it down and out.

Wash the cervical cap :

After that, wash the cervical cap with mild soap and water. Let it air-dry.

Don’t use powder :

Avoid to use the baby powder on your cervical cap; It can lead to infections.

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