Immunotherapy : Using Immune System To Fight Cancer

Cancer immunotherapy is a treatment that uses certain part of a person’s immune system to fight with cancer …

Immunotherapy helps to fight with cancer by improving the natural power of your immune system. According to a new survey, immunotherapy becomes a key part of treatment for many different types of cancer.

Different immunotherapies works in different ways. Some are used to boost your immune system in best way, while other helps to teach your immune system to attack cancer cell found in the tumors.

Immunotherapies can be done in two ways :

  1. Stimulating your own immune system to work harder to attack the cancer cells.
  2. Give your immune system components, such as man-made immune system proteins.

How dose immune system works ?

Immune system is a collection of special cells, organs and the substance that protect your body from infections, virus and other diseases. It also helps to protects your body from germs, bacteria and virus that causes infection. Sometimes it also helps to protect your body from cancer.

Cancer starts when your calls become altered and grow out of control. In this case, your immune system does not allow to recognize your cancer cell as an external.

Types Of Cancer Immunotherapies :-

There are different types of immunotherapy which is used to fight with cancer.

Monoclonal Antibodies :

Monoclonal antibodies is an immune system proteins which can made by researchers in the lab. It designed to attack a very specific part of a cancer cell.

  • Naked monoclonal antibodies : It is the most common type of cancer treatment. It order to your immune system for attack cancer cells that helps to grow of cancer.
  • Conjugated monoclonal antibodies : Its antibodies attach directly to cancer cells. It delivers the drugs where needs.
  • Bispecific monoclonal antibodies : Its antibodies helps to promote for the immune attack of cancer.

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors :

It takes the ‘brakes’ off your immune system, which helps it recognize and attack cancer cells.

  • PD-1 or PD-L1 inhibitors : It targets to checkpoints, known as PD-1 or PD-L1, which is present on T cells in the immune system.

Cancer Vaccines :

It put into your body to start an immune response against certain diseases like cancer. It made from dead cancer cells, proteins or pieces or proteins from cancer cells, or immune system cells.

Other, non-specific immunotherapies:

It helps to treatments boost the immune system in a general way. And also helps to your immune system attack cancer cells.


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