Lasik Surgery and Laser Eye Surgery- All You Need To Know

What is Lasik Surgery?

Lasik surgery and laser eye surgery are some of the surgical procedures that are common for correcting vision. They are mostly performed in a myopic, hyper myopic, pres-biopic, or astigmatism eye. They are generally operated to remove the dependence on eye glasses/contact lens.

Lasik surgery is a type of laser surgery which is currently much popular due to its easiness while operating and a better outcome. Due to its increasing number of popularity and success rates, it is widely acceptable.

However, it has certain demerits too. It is recommended to go through all possible pros and cons before going for a lasik surgery. Many a times people just go for it with a minimal reason. For some the surgery is like a cosmetic surgery which aims to remove their glasses or contacts. While for some, surgery is required for some professional fields of work where wearing glasses pays hindrance to their work.

How lasik surgery is performed?

In lasik surgery, a thin  circular flap is created in the cornea of eye. This hinged flap is folded to access the underlying cornea and some corneal tissues are removed. Then a cool ultraviolet beam is used to remove microscopic tissues from cornea. This is done so that light can be focused more accurately thereby improving vision.

For nearsighted people, flatten cornea is desired while for farsighted people a steeper one is needed. In case of astigmatism, Excimer laser are used for smoothing an irregular cornea into a normal shape.

After the laser reshapes cornea, the flap is laid back to its place covering the area from where corneal tissues were removed.

Procedure Time :  10 – 20 minutes 

Recovery Time :  nearly about a week is required to completely stabilize the vision. 

Operated Result : 20/20 normal vision without glasses or contacts.

Estimated Cost : about $1500 to $2500 per eye.

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