Makeup For Night Party – Experts View

Simple and Easy steps to get ready for night party :-

It is the dream of every women to look gorgeous. All are crazy behind their beauty. Makeup plays an important role to enhance their beauty. It makes a women feel more confident. A women is incomplete without makeup. Night party makeup is different from your daily makeup. Here are some simple and easy steps to get ready for night party :-

Clean Your hand and Face :-

Clean your hands and face before start makeup. You may wash your hand with hand-wash, warm water or soap. Clean your face with your regular face wash. Pat dry your face with a towel.

Apply a concealer on your face :-

Now apply concealer on your face specially around your under eye circle.

Apply foundation on your face and neck :-

Now, apply foundation on your face and neck well.

Shape your eyebrow :-

Shape your eyebrow that will suit on your face.

Apply eyebrow-pencil on your eyebrow :-

Apply eyebrow pencil according to the color of your eyebrow.

Choose the color of eye-shadow :-

Now, choose your favorite color of eye-shadow. You may apply in light, medium or dark color shade.

Apply Eyeliner :-

Now its time to apply eye-liner. Draw a line of dots on your eyelids with eye-liner. Connect all dots with a short stroke. Smooth the eye liner out with a steady and light hand. Use your eye liner and make a small tail upwards on the edge of your upper eyelids.

Apply Kajal :-

Use Kajal and draw a straight line of your  lower eyelid.

Apply Mascara  :-

Pull the mascara right to left of lashes and rotate your brush from root to tip.

Apply blush :-

Now, its time to apply blush on your face. It gives you a dewy look. Using a champagne-tinted creme blush. Rub a little on your ring finger. Blend it onto your cheekbones.

Apply Concealer :-

Choose a concealer of the shade that matches with your lips color. Apply it with a small brush.

Apply lip-liner :-

Now, Apply lip liner properly to one corner to the other corner of upper and lower lips.

Apply lipstick  :-

Apply lipstick over your lips. Start it from the center of lips to its corner of upper and lower lips. You may use the lipstick directly on your lips.

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