How To Reduce Belly Fat ? Effective and proven ways


Belly fat is one of the most irritating thing we can think of. Not only it makes your cloth tight enough but also gives you a shabby look.


Everyone wants to have a slim body type so that they can gain others attraction and stand out of the crowd. Not only women but men also don’t like it. It is becoming popular in all ages of man. Even children also has not been spared by belly fat.

The accumulation of too much fat in ones belly , i.e lower abdomen is the real cause behind Obesity. Belly fats are associated with many serious health issues , like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and  cancer.

Here is a list of ways that will be beneficial to reduce your belly fats :

  • Take breakfast:- According to a study most of the people who skip their breakfast in order to head towards their office on time are at a high risk of getting obese. So, having your breakfast nearly one hour after wake up in the morning will be much helpful.
  • Protein rich diet :-  Intake of diets which are rich in protein like beans, peanuts, eggs, lean meat, etc. should be consumed.
  • Fiber :- Green leafy vegetables, oats etc. which have much fiber content in them are also helpful in reducing belly fat.
  • Sound sleep :- A sound sleep of approximately 7 hours is a must. It stimulates hormonal growth. More than 10 hours of sleep daily increases a high risk of being obese and developing a belly fat.
  •  Plenty water :- Drinking plenty of water daily increases the metabolism of human body thereby keeping less vulnerable for any  disease. One should drink as much as 6-7 liters of water daily. It helps in hydrating our body and to remove the excess of waste accumulated in the body.
  • Take a walk :- Scientifically it is proven that people who go for an walk daily are at a lower risk of belly fat.
  • Exercise :- Having some physical exercise on a regular basis (especially aerobic exercise) are of great help in reducing abdomen fat. It doesn’t let fats to get accumulated in your belly.
  • Less calorie diet :- Consumption of diets which are less in calories present in them helps in maintaining a fit body. Taking note of a maximum limit of 2000 calories per day, one must plan their diet accordingly.
  • Waist to hip ratio :- Waist to hip ratio is a good way to determine and check your obesity status. For women this ratio must lie below 0.8 , while for men this ratio must lie below 0.9.
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