Skin Cancer | Melanoma & Non Melanoma – All you need to know

Skin Cancer Globally Account For At least 40% of Cases

Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer are cancers in which an uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells takes place. These abnormal cells have the ability to spread to other body parts. Skin Cancer globally account alone for at least 40% of the cases found. In general skin cancer can be categorized in two broad types known as Melanoma and Non Melanoma Skin Cancer (NMSC).

 However non melanoma NMSC can be further be classified into two main categories : Basal Cell Cancer (BCC) and Squamous Cell Cancer (SCC). Basal cell cancer shows a slow growth and and is restricted to certain tissues where it causes damage. It is less harmful and can be spotted as a red color area with blood vessels running over. It is raised in painless area of the skin. In contrast, Squamous cell cancer (SCC) is more likely to spread to other body parts. It is harmful and can be spotted as a hard lump in the skin area.

Basal Cancer and Squamous cancer are mostly found in the areas exposed to sun. Head, Neck, Arms, Legs etc. are some of the areas where there is a great risk. However it can be anywhere in the body. They are much common and can be treated in most of the cases. 


Exposure to ultraviolet radiation is the main reason behind the growing cases of skin cancer. The harmful sun rays which escapes from the ozone layer are one of the major cause. Tanning beds are becoming another source of ultraviolet radiations.


Decreasing the exposure to ultraviolet radiations and using Sunscreens can be effective measures to prevent Melanoma and Squamous cancer. Also be aware of tanning beds and in case  you spot one immediately consult your doctor and have proper medication. Negligence shown in this regard can prove to be harmful.



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