Traces Of Another Type Of Mosquito Found That May Carry Zika Virus

Genetic fragments are found, researchers finding cases from more samples

 Aedes aegypti , a yellow fever mosquito is the main carrier of zika virus.. However scientists have discovered a new type of mosquito that may carry Zika. Traces of zika virus genetic materials have been found in an another mosquito species that researchers are working on.

During the genetic testing of Asian tiger mosquitoes in Brazil, researchers have found fragments of Zika RNA.

Although it does not prove that Asian tiger mosquitoes carry zika virus  but have urged more attention from the researchers. It emphasize the need for further research in finding other possible carriers of zika virus.

“Our results mean that Aedes albopictus may have a role in Zika Virus transmission and should be of concern to public health,” Smartt said in a news release from the Entomological Society of America.

Chelsea Smartt and team hatched the eggs and researched mosquitoes after collecting it from Brazil. They found that Asian Tiger male mosquitoes positive for Zika RNA. Although they have not found  a live virus yet. Later Smartt added that a lot of researched still needs to be done in this regard.

This positive test for male Asian tiger mosquitoes has cautioned more research in this field by insect scientists and reaserchers. The research teams are collecting more samples of mosquitoes in the area and are sending it for lab tests.

Smartt says, that it is important to collect samples of mosquitoes from the area which have high number of Zika cases for Zika RNA and if found positive then the mosquitoes must be tested for live Zika Virus before transporting or use in laboratories for research experiments.

The research team is  busy collecting different samples of mosquitoes from areas where most of the Zika cases were found. A lot of research needs to be done for assuring any other causes for zika.


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