Trans Woman ( male-to-female )

A trans woman is the woman who was assigned male at birth, but is not consistent with her sense of self …

Trans woman is a transgender or transsexual person in which male is convert into female. The non medical name of trans-woman is  t-girl, tg-girl and ts-girl.

In the world, some people who are male from birth but feel themselves not who they really are. Their birth gender do not match with their feelings. So, they want to see their own gender as a woman. Thats why, some trans-woman wants to called woman. They feels that “trans” woman may mean that their new identity is false or not true.

Trans-woman is the personal identification of one’s own sense of the gendered self, and may or may not include medical intervention (hormone replacement, surgery, etc.), changes in legal documents ( such as their name or sex indicated on identification, birth certificate, etc.), and personal expression ( such as their clothing, accessories, voice, body language).

Transgender vs. Transsexual :

Transgender :

  • A transgender woman is biologically a man who identifies as a woman.
  • She may take steps to transition, but the steps is not involve surgery or physical alterations.
  • These types of woman might dress as a woman, or use a feminine name too.

Transsexual :

  • A transsexual woman has physically transitioned to the gender she identifies with.
  • This often include to take hormones to suppress the physical characteristics of the assigned gender.
  • In US, many trans-woman take hormones supplements, that helps to develop breast growth, increase the vocal pitch, and also contribute in other ways to more traditionally feminine appearance.
  • Some transsexual may take gender reassignment surgery, where anatomical features of her assigned gender are physically remove.

Status of a trans-woman :  

  • The status of a trans-woman is casual on the gender identity, not surgery.
  • In the public spotlight, trans-woman have worked to move their fight for equal rights.
  • Trans-woman use restrooms based on their gender identity at birth.

Sexual interests :  

According to a survey, trans-women are likely to have less sex drive (34%) than those who are born female (23%). Some  trans-women feel attracted to men (homosexual) while some trans-women that are attracted to women as (nonhomosexual).

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