Vaginal Swelling || Its Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

How to know that you have vaginal swelling? 

Causes || Sign and Symptoms || Prevention || Treatment

Many women are affected by vaginal swelling. Swelling around the vaginal area are occurs in the vaginal lips or the vaginal wall. It can be caused by sexually transmitted infections(STIs), allergiesperiodspregnancy, yeast infection, and small cysts. Some women suffer from a swollen vagina after intercourse (sex).

You get pain and itching due to swelling of your vagina. Swelling can also make irritation, discomfort when urinating, a burning sensation, soreness, and discharge. Swelling can also burn and make you feel uncomfortable.

What is vaginal swelling?   

You know that vagina ( the external female genital area ) is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. It has its own chemical balance, which can be easily disturbed. Due to some reason, bacteria or fungus are develop on your vagina. In this condition, you got swelling in your vaginal area. This can occur in girls and women of all ages.

Swelling around the vaginal area will affect almost all women at least once in their lives. Swelling in the vagina consists of vaginal lips, labia minor ( the inner folds of skin that lead to the vagina) or labia majora ( on the outside of the vagina ).

When swelling around the vaginal area starts, then the woman gets :

  • Irritation or itching of the genital area.
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Inflammation ( such as – irritation, redness, and swelling caused by the presence of extra immune cells) of the vaginal lips, labia majora, labia minora.
  • Vaginal odor
  • Pain during intercourse

The vagina is very sensitive and delicate part of your body. Wet sweaty and unclean vagina can cause bacteria and fungus to develop. It may also cause infections and gives a bad odor. There are many causes of swelling in the vaginal area. some of them are including :

If you get swelling in the vaginal area, then care your private part. You can care it by :

  • use loose cotton underwear so there is some airflow.
  • change your underwear daily.
  • wear a clean and dry under undergarments.
  • keep your private part clean.
  • If you are in a period, then change your pad after every four hours.

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