What are the advantages or benefits of cervical caps?

The cervical caps is a birth control method, designed for women…

A cervical caps is a little cup made from soft silicone and shaped like a sailor’s hat. It works as a barrier between the sperm and ova by inhibiting the sperm from crossing the female cervix.

Advantages or benefits of cervical cap :

The advantages or benefits of using cervical caps are including :

Easy to use :

The Cervical caps are safe and easy to use. They are small and fit in your pocket or bag. That’s why it can be easily carried to any place.

Convenient and give you control :

The cervical cap is effective when you start using it. But, if you decide that you want to try to get pregnant, just don’t put your cervical cap in before sex.

Low cost :

The cervical cap is relatively cheaper than other birth control methods.

Don’t interrupt sex :

You can put your cervical cap in before you have sex. Getting your pregnancy protection in place before things get hot and heavy means you don’t have to stop and worry about birth control in the heat of the moment.

Women can take it without the permission from her partner :

The cervical cap is specially designed for women. Its usage is totally under the control of the woman using it. So, does not have to take permission from her partner for it.

Hormone-free :

The cervical caps can be a good option for the people who prefer non-hormonal birth control or can’t use methods with hormones due to the medical problems. Another benefit of the cap is – it does not affect the hormonal balance of your body.

48 hours of protection :

If you use a cervical cap once, you can protect the woman against pregnancy for 48 hours.

Used for multiple intercourses :

The cervical cap can be used for multiple intercourses without the hassle of removing and inserting it every time.

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