What Are The Disadvantages of Cervical Caps

The cervical caps are a type of contraceptive specially made for women. It is a soft rubber barrier that covers the cervix in order to prevent sperm from entering into the uterus.

In the medical world, the researches have contributed much to the methods of contraception, and the cervical caps are one of them. The effectiveness of the cap can be increased by using it along with other contraceptives such as condom and spermicide.

The cap work as a barrier between the sperm and ova by inhibiting the sperm from crossing the female cervix.

Disadvantages of using the cervical cap :  

You know that cervical cap work well if you have to use them correctly, the whole time, every time you have sex, and they can take some getting used to. The disadvantages of using the cervical cap are including :

Doesn’t protect from STD :

The cervical cap doesn’t provide any protection against STD (sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, genital herpesand genital warts and gonorrhea.

Can’t use more than 48 hours :

You can’t use the cervical cap for more than 48 hours. If you use it for more than 48 hours, it can increase the risk of developing toxic shock syndrome and various vaginal and urinary tract infections.

May have side effects :

Some women may be sensitive to the spermicides ( used in the cervical cap to kill sperms during intercourse ), which can thereby cause rashes, pain, swelling, and redness of the vagina.

May produces an unpleasant vaginal odor :

The cervical cap produces unpleasant vaginal odor. The odor is very unpleasant and embarrassing.

Hard to use correctly :

Some woman gets trouble inserting their cervical cap. It can take practice to get comfortable doing it.

Size matters :

Cervical caps come in different sizes, and so do our bodies. Changes in your body over time can mess up the fit of your cervical cap. You have to get refitted for a new size if you have a baby, miscarriage, or abortion.

Some women can’t use it :

The cervical cap should not be used by the women who have:

  • An abnormally shaped cervix
  • A history of the pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • Severe cervicitis
  • Abnormal pap smears
  • Had a normal delivery.

Moved out from the place :

The cervical cap is hard to use, especially at first time. It can get moved out of place during sex if they get bumped around a lot.

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