What Your Breast Say About Your Health

Things which your breast say about your health …

Your breast can say what’s going on inside your body. In puberty age, beasts are the same in men and women. But, during the sexual maturity, woman’s breast tissue grows in size and amount. Some women have larger breasts while others have smaller ones. The breasts are made up of change in hormone, glandular tissue and fat cells. Breast growth is a normal part of development for every girl and women.  It occurs during puberty and may recur throughout life due to pregnancy and weight gain.

Growing size :-

The size of your breast are growing due to weight gain, pregnancy, genetics, birth control pills, and hormonal changes due to your menstrual cycle.

Shrinking size :-

The shrinking size of your breast is due to very little fat in your breasts, ageing. Changes in oestrogen levels can affect the glands. Women which are underweight can also small breast size.

Large size :-

Large size of your breast is due to genetics hormonal change ( especially estrogen hormones), pregnancy,  certain drugs. Obesity is one of the commonest causes of large breast.

One boob is bigger than other :-

If the shape of your boob are change in size than it could signal an abnormality linked to breast cancer.

Lumps and bumps :-

At the time of period, your breasts may feel lumpy and bumpy, as hormonal changes cause benign cysts to fill with fluid.

Under boob irritation :-

Under boob irritation are due to infection and allergy of something like underwire in your bra, soap residue, itchy bra. In summer season, you may notice that between the bottom of your breast and your skin beneath it is rubbing and causing inflammation.

Stretch marks on your boobs :-

Stretch marks appears due to heavy weight gain/weight loss or due to pregnancy in women. When you gain or loss weight, than the breasts expand and contract, which can be the cause of stretch marks on the breasts. It is considered to be a permanent mark, but can be cured using proper guidance.

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Dark and light nipple :-

Different women have different pigmentation patterns. If your skin color is dark, then your nipple is also dark color and if your skin color is fair than your nipple color is pink or light. It may occurs due to aging, illness, medications etc.

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Large or small nipple :-

Large or small nipple are due to gain or loss weight,  ageing, genetics or hormonal imbalance.

Sore nipple :-

Sore nipples are very common problem among women.  It may occur at certain times in a woman’s monthly cycle, triggered by the changes in levels of oestrogen and progesterone. It may cause due to hormonal imbalance, sexual activity, allergies, itching or skin conditions.

Pain in boobs :-

Many women have the problem of boobs pain. Cyclic pain is common of women during period. It is due to monthly hormonal change. In this care pain occurs in both breast. While non-cyclic pain occurs in only one boob. Generally it occurs in the age of 30 to 50 years.

Nipple discharge :-

Nipple discharge can happen after sexual stimulation. When t discharge on both boobs, than it is a hormonal change.

Some Tips :-

Moisturize your breast :-

Moisturize your breast by using moisturizer. It makes your breast smooth, healthy, fresh and without blemishes.

Massage your breast :-

Massage Therapy is a type of technique, in which different type of massage are given  that usually depends on your needs as well as your physical condition. It is a manual manipulation of soft body tissue like muscle, connective tissues, tendons e.t.c. to enhance a persons health.

Always choose a right bra :-

Always use a suitable and comfortable personal inner wear. It provides your breast a perfect shape. Choose that bra which wires sit close to your chest. If your boobs are bulging over your over the cups at the neck edge and underarms then a larger cup size is needed for you.

Avoid bra while sleeping :-

Avoid wearing your bra at night. It helps you to relax your breast and give you a comfortable night. So always use a well cushioned sport bra.

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