Why It’s So Hard To Lose Belly Fat Then Other Body Parts?

Why its hard to lose belly fat than any other area of fat!

Belly fat is one of the most prominent areas of your body. Belly fats are one of the most irritating things you can think of. Not only it makes your cloth tight enough but also gives you a shabby look. It’s so easy to put on. The fat in belly area is stubborn and hard to shift. This fat can cause different health problems. Women can feel self-conscious about it.

Your daily habit is the main cause of getting excess fat. Generally, the belly fats occur due to :

  • Eating wrong kinds of food
  • Drinking excess alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Some physical exercise
  • Working at a seated job

Significance :   

Many physical exercises and eating the wrong kinds of food ( such as – fast, foods and unhealthy foods ) can lead to gaining excess pounds around your waist.

Working at a seated job gives you no time for body movement. So, it increases your heart rate leads to muscle loss that decreases the rate at which the body burns calories. That’s why you gain some fats in your abdominal area.

If you don’t do exercise and avoid junk foods, then you would not be able to lose the extra inches, despite decreasing your caloric intake.

Types :

There are basically two types of belly fats, including :

  1. Visceral fat:- The fat buried deep in the abdomen.
  2. Subcutaneous fat:- Fat that’s located between the abdominal wall and your skin.

Factors :

There are many factors of increasing belly fats, including :

  • Age:- contributes to the loss of muscle.
  • Lifestyle:- whether you’re active or not, wrong kinds of foods, the amount of alcohol, and the level of stress in your life.
  • Genetics:- whether your parents or any member have dense belly fat.

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