Workout Program That Helped This Women Lose 12 KGs In Just 8 Weeks

This 24-year-old, who trained at the Dromana studio in Victoria, lost a total of 12kgs and appromimately 10%  body fat in just two months. Isn’t it interesting? Yeah !! I know the reaction on your face. She completed her eight week challenge and won F45 contest. It’s not a cup of tea for most of us to undergo such workout program. But well said quote ” Hard Work, Pays Off”.

We chatted to her about what prompted her to take on the challenge. We have also discussed on the workout program and the implementation part. Here is the exclusive words with her.

Congratulations !! How did you feel when you won the contest?

I was so shocked. Had completely no idea. Was so shocked. I checked my phone in the lunch break at work and it was like crazy messages and I was like ‘oh my god I’ve won’. That feeling can’t be expressed in words.

How did you find the challenge? 

I’ve been on diets and things like that before. Previously too I’ve taken little challenges like such but never really stuck to anything. So it was more mentally challenging as everyone knows I’m doing this challenge. There was a pressure on me as a lot of expectations were there from me.

The food was great so I wasn’t going hungry. I really enjoyed the exercise and getting fitter again and the variety of the classes. But definitely a huge mental struggle in the first couple of weeks, like when you’re trying to go out to dinner with friends and stick to the meal plan. But when I got past week four I was loving eating well and getting up in the morning to exercise it became more of an enjoyment.

What encouraged you to take on the challenge?

From the beginning of the year I started my training. I used to go to personal training twice a week but because I had to drop some shifts at work. It was the phase in my life where I was giving more time on my food habits rather than studying and work. Then my best friend gave me the challenge  to participate in the event. It was an adventurous challenge and I grabbed it. Even after knowing it’s only eight weeks I accepted it. It’s fine I’ll do it.

What did you struggled more, eating or exercising?

Eating well on the weekends. It was a tough phase for me to have a upper hand on myself. I think just the social eating was a big change for me because I used to go out and eat so often, whereas during the challenge, I would eat first, then come and get a tea instead of going out for lunch.

How often did you train in a week?

I worked around five times a week.

Was there anything additional you did to help achieve your results?

I was walking about three or four times a week and for the last two weeks of the challenge I was training a bit more maybe seven or eight times a week just because I knew it was coming to an end!

How did you feel after the challenge?

So good. I’m sleeping so much better, I’ve got so much more energy during the day, my skin is so much clearer and I just feel so much better about myself, not hating how I look anymore. It was a big relief after the workout program ended.



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